3 Easy Steps To Aerate Lawn!

Spring time is finally here! Lets get our lawns into fantastic shape. How to Aerate Lawn? 1. PREPARE- Make sure your lawn is wet either 1 day after rainfall or watering the lawn before aerating. Watering the lawn will assist ...


FOR SALE 1x Euromec E95 Bridge Tile Saw- $700 2x Solo 14″ Cut Quik – $400 each  1X Sakai Leg Rammer – $750   For any enquiries or expression of interest please contact us on 83369166!

2017 Variety SA 4WD Challenge

The 2017 Variety SA 4WD Challenge took place between the 2nd – 8th April which helps raise money for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. A big thank you to both Tony Telegramma,Toni Carey and to Variety for all their efforts and for ...

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