3 Easy Steps To Aerate Lawn!

Spring time is finally here! Lets get our lawns into fantastic shape.

How to Aerate Lawn?

1. PREPARE- Make sure your lawn is wet either 1 day after rainfall or watering the lawn before aerating. Watering the lawn will assist with aerator penetration to pull out soil cores easier.

2. AERATE- Using our Bluebird Lawn Aerator, in a motion that cover the area only once, run the aerator over the lawn.

3. DECOMPOSE- The soil cores can be left on the ground and allow them to decompose. This usually will take around 2-4 weeks for the soil cores to naturally break down.

After aerating.. It’s important to continue your basic lawn care including fertilizing, mowing and watering.

Bluebird Lawn Aerator – https://statewidehire.com.au/product/lawn-aerator-bluebird/

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