To achieve our desired results we used our Lavina 20 accompanied with Lavina vacuum system for efficient dust extraction.

Here’s a quick step by step guide on the process!
1. Firstly we started with an 80 metal bond, then a 120 metal bond.
2. We then put down a lithium hardener which was left to dry for approx 1 hour.
3. We moved onto a 50 nato pad, then a 120 waffle pad and afterwards a 400 waffle pad.
4. Another coat of lithium hardener was placed down and left to dry.
5. To finish off we selected a 800 waffle pad pass, followed by a 1800 waffle pad pass and lastly a 3500 waffle pad.
6. The floor was then sealed with a high quality sealer, allowed to dry then reapplied for a final seal.
7. We then burnished the floor to achieve high gloss shine.

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