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Bobcat Operation Tips For DIYers

Anyone can drive and operate a Bobcat. Bobcats are the perfect choice of earthmoving machinery to get your DIY job completed with ease. Whether you’re planning on a new driveway or complete revamp out back, bobcat hire is great due to being compact and easy to operate.

Here are a few tips to help you complete your job with no trouble.

Safety first

Make sure you take the proper safety percussions when operating a Bobcat Skid Steer. Always wear the safety bar and protective gear such as eye and hearing protection when needed.

Plan The Job And Check Out Your Location

Look at your surroundings and determine which size machine is best to complete the job. Know exactly what you want to achieve. Ensure the ground is level because if the machine is too much on angel it can cause it to tip.

Operating The Bobcat

  • Once in the machine, look at the controls. These may vary, but usually you’ll find two steering handles, one located on each side arm rest of the machine. These will each have control buttons for accessories, located on the tops or positioned like triggers on the forward side. Usually you will find a diagram that explains them on the console beside each stick.
  • The ignition turns on with a key, It also has safety gauges that must be engaged before operating.
  • Start the engine, and look for a throttle handle. You’ll usually find this on the console to the right of the right arm rest with a slot to slide forward and backward in. There is usually a turtle image on one end of the slot, and rabbit on the other. Turtle moving faster, Rabbit slower.
  • Bobcat is controlled by both foot and hand. The hand controls steering and acceleration while the foot controls the 4 in 1 bucket attachment.
  • Use both the forward handles to travel forward. To reverse pull the handles back.
  • The left lever and right lever will control direction of the machine.
  • Pushing only the right stick will steer the machine to the left. Pushing on the left lever will steer the machine right.
  • If you move each stick slowly and at the same speed, you will move smoothly in a straight line. When you pull back on the control levers, you will back up.
  • By moving one lever forward and the other one backward you are able to spin the machine around a in a circle.
  • To control the bucket use the pedals at your feet. The left pedal will move the arms up and down and the right pedal will tip the bucket forward. To bring the bucket back, press back of the right foot pedal.
  • Before exiting the Bobcat, ensure you have switched the engine off.

You’re now ready to get started!
If you’re still not feeling confident that’s fine. You will be able to find Skid Steer operator safety courses if you feel the need for extra guidance.

We pride ourselves on our competitive hire rates. For your convenience, delivery is available in Adelaide and Greater Adelaide Regions. You can also choose to pick up from our yard if you prefer. A trailer can also be provided at an additional fee or you can supply your own. Minimum Bobcat Hire is one day.

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Image of Bobcat Skid Steer Loader