Image of Mini Loader Dingo In Use

HOW TO: Use A Dingo Mini Loader

Let’s Get Started

Firstly, when starting up the Dingo Mini Loader for the first time make sure to put the choke on. Push it all the way to the top. Once you get the mini loader up and running you can push it back.

Next, put the throttle on about half to start with. You can always push it more when needed.

When you don’t have any attachments on make sure you have the Flow Drive Valve on 10.

When unloading and loading put the Pump Selector to turtle. This is slower and less jumpy, giving the flow to the attachment. Put on rabbit when driving in straight distances, moving quickly. This will give the flow to the wheel drive.

Lastly, with the attachment flow there are three different options. Down, up and middle. When starting the mini loader you’ll want to make sure it’s in the middle.

She’s ready to start up!

Plan Your Mini Loader Job

Make sure you have your job planned out. Dingos are a perfect choice when needing to move and levelling soil, dirt, mulch, gravel, sand and other loose materials. They’re ideal to use on narrow or limited access worksites.

How Do I Drive the Mini Loader?

In the middle of the console, you’ll find two throttles. These are the wheel drive. When pushing both of them forward together, this will move the dingo forward. Pushing them both back will move the dingo back. If they’re moved in opposite directions from each other, this will move the dingo around.

When you’re travelling in a straight distance, move the mini loader in a faster gear. When turning or unloading put the gear back.

How Do I Use The Bucket?

Use the outer left toggle to move the arms up and down. If you push the toggle down away from you, it’ll push the bucket down. When you push the toggle up towards you, it’ll push the bucket up.

The toggle on the right side tilts the bucket. If for example you had a full load of soil, pull the toggle down and it will release the soil.

How To Use Attachments?

The lever that’s labelled attachment flow will control the attachment. If you have an attachment such as a pole hole borer or trencher, the lever will allow you to have a 2 way control of the attachment.

Dingo Hire

Dingo Mini Loaders are a great choice of machinery. Anyone can jump on one and get started. Even though they appear small in size they have a wide range of motion and can deliver exceptional results. They’re fantastic at getting into tight spaces and reaching over tall barriers. We hope this guide will help make using a Dingo Mini Loader easier.

At Statewide Hire, we make dingo hire easy. We feel strongly about providing competitive hire rates. Also for your convenience, delivery is available in Adelaide and Greater Adelaide Regions. You can also choose to pick up from our yard if you prefer. A trailer can be provided at an additional fee or you can supply your own. Minimum Dingo hire period is one day.

For any enquiries or to request a free quote call us on 08 83369166 or email

Why should you choose Dingo for your Mini Loader?

Image of Mini Loader Dingo In Use

*Guide may vary with the model of Dingo Mini Loader*