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Roller Compactor Hire – Effortless Compaction

What Are Your Options When It Comes To Roller Compactor Hire?

We have a fantastic range of choices for your Roller Compactor Hire. With some of the top brands and many size options, we know we can help you complete your compaction job with ease. The brands of Rollers we carry include;

  • Bomag –  The world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for compaction.
  • Dynapac – Your partner on the road ahead.
  • Sakai – Masters of compaction.

Let’s begin with Bomag. Being one of the word’s most well known compaction companies we carry a great variety of their rollers. Sizes available;

  • 2.7 Tonne 120 AD-5 – Perfectly ideal for footpaths, repair work and road construction. They also have a fantastic reputation in gardening and landscape.
  • 2.7 Tonne BW120 – A ride-on roller. Featuring a 1200mm wide drum, it’s able to compact 100+mm with minimal passes.
  • 7.2 Tonne – Our Smooth Drum roller is ideal for compacting natural earth.

Moving on to Dynapac. We have the following sizes available;

  • 1.6 Tonne–  A member of the small asphalt roller family. Used for small compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas.
  • 2.6 Tonne –  Ideal for road compaction, pavement compaction and compaction of large areas.

Last but not least, Sakai. Sizes include;

  • Pedestrian Roller –  Ideal for small car parks, footpaths and medium size jobs. Featuring forward/reverse lever for easy movement.
  • 4 Tonne – Features a 1300mm wide drum and is able to compact 200mm with minimal passes.

What Is Achievable From Roller Compactor Hire?

A large range of industries use Rollers, from construction to landscaping. Roller Compactors are the choice of machinery when compacting soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt.  Compaction is important because it provides the flat base necessary to provide the vital support for buildings, different types of construction foundations, roads and other structures. Compaction gives the soil higher animosity and significant stability. When compacting concrete it rids of entrapped air. It packs the aggregate particles together to achieve greater density of concrete.

Roller Compactors will help you achieve your compaction jobs whether large or small. Hiring is a great option due to the costly investment of machinery. Many factors all add up such as purchasing and maintenance. Don’t forget about issues that may arise such as breakdowns and repairs. When hiring from Statewide Hire, you’re able to focus on completing the task at hand and leaving the rest to us.

Roller Compactor Hire at Statewide Hire is easy. We feel very strongly about providing competitive hire rates. Also for your convenience, delivery is available in Adelaide and Greater Adelaide Regions. You can also choose to pick up from our yard if you prefer. A trailer can be provided at an additional fee or you can supply your own. Minimum Roller hire period is one day.

“If you want traction with your roller compaction, come to Statewide Hire if you want to enquire” – Robbie Scerri

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